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Tulsa Property Managers

Tulsa Property Managers is a leading Tulsa, OK property management company offering property owners and real estate investors results-oriented, reliable and accountable property management services and solutions.

We currently maintain offices in downtown Jenks, OK and midtown Tulsa in offering our valued property management clientele the highest level of personalized service, accountability, professionalism, local knowledge and bottom-line results. In addition, we utilize decades of local real estate consulting and sales experience in providing full-service, results-oriented solutions to our client's property ownership and real estate investment challenges and needs.

Property Management Areas of Expertise:

Full-Service Property Management Solutions:

Tulsa Property Managers offers varying levels of professional property management services tailored to meet the individual needs of our clients. For more information, please visit our Property Management Services page or browse the following key elements of our full-service property management program:

Accounting and Reporting

Our accounting methodology strives to eliminate the hassle and added expense of routine bookkeeping, while helping you stay fully informed and on top of your real-estate investment. We use the most advanced property management and accounting software in the assessment, analysis and forecasting your home or real estate portfolio's short and long-term earning potential in advising you when and where to invest in your properties or buy and sell if applicable.

Monthly income statements and reporting as well as comprehensive quarterly and annual reporting and analysis are a standard part of our property management service. As a Tulsa Property Managers client, you will have complete accounting records ready for you or your CPA at tax time.

Property Maintenance and Repairs

As our valued property management client you can rest assured that if your rental property needs immediate or short term repairs we are accessible 24 hours a day and will address any situation immediately, at any time of the day or evening! Our team of Tulsa-area plumbers, electricians, roofers and general contractors bring decades of hands-on experience, a genuine passion for getting the job done on time and done right and an eye on delivering maximum long term value in the maintenance of your real estate investment.

Our contractors have proven to us over time that they do the highest quality work at the best price, making repairs that last for the long term, and at the lowest overall cost. We have already gone through the trial and error process in finding the best Tulsa-area contractors so that you don't have to!

Vacancies and Tenant Placement

Whether you have an existing vacancy or your tenant has put in their 30 day notice, the placement of a quality tenant in the shortest amount of time is needed to avoid loss of revenue. We utilize a wide variety of Internet and non-Internet-based resources in attracting the highest possible number of quality tenants to your properties listing. In leveraging high level of interest and leads, we are able to command a higher average monthly rent, while minimizing vacant downtime. 9 out of 10 of our listings result in the placement of a reliable, responsible and accountable tenant, within 2 weeks!

In addition, our comprehensive tenant background check process provides all relevant credentials needed to make the best tenant-placement decision possible including complete employment and income history, rent and/or mortgage payment history, state and nationwide criminal history, terrorist watch list or sex offender history, multiple character references from previous landlords, employers and third party references and our manager's impression of the overall quality, character and presentation of your prospective tenants from their face to face meetings. Our comprehensive tenant screening process ensures placement of high-quality, high-character, fiscally-responsible tenants who respect your property, pay on time and enhance the character and quality of the neighborhood in which they reside.

Evictions & Wage Garnishments

In the rare case (1 out of 30 tenants we place) of a tenant leaving a property in damaged condition, with an outstanding debt, or who otherwise violates the terms of their lease, our rental application and lease provide us the requisite information and legal framework for successful evictions and wage garnishments, if needed. Tenant evictions and wage garnishments are a standard part of our full service property management program and are provided at no additional expense to our clients.

Tulsa Property Managers is committed to resolving any and all situations to the fullest financial advantage of our clients, including situations where money is owed by an outgoing tenant, and has structured our leases to allow us to do just that, regardless of the situation. If you're looking for a Tulsa property management company that has covered all aspects and potential liabilities of the tenant placement and property management process, you've come to the right place.

Real Estate Consulting and Sales

There's no arguing that knowing when, where and how much to buy or sell are key factors in real estate investing success. Having local market knowledge, a wealth of experience and a track record of success on your side in any real estate deal increases the likelihood of an optimal outcome.

Tulsa Property Managers offers clients decades of intimate, local Tulsa real estate consulting and sales experience in advising on and facilitating the purchase or sale of Tulsa residential and commercial real estate. In addition, our property management clients take advantage of discounted real estate sales commissions when using us as their realtor of choice. Want to find out more about how we can help you maximize your Tulsa real estate investment ROI? Call (918) 895-9727 today!

Your Tulsa Property Management Partner

Whether you are an individual property owner with a vacancy in need of a tenant or a savvy, experienced real estate investor, we can help. Please call (918) 895-9727 or Contact Us for a professional assessment of your real estate portfolio.

Thank you for your interest in Tulsa Property Managers!

Property Management Services
Tulsa Property Managers specializes in the following property management disciplines:

  • Single Family Homes

  • Homeowners Association (HOA) Management

  • Commercial Real Estate - Office Space

  • Duplexes & Condos

  • Real Estate Consulting and Sales

  • Rent-to-Own Homes

  • High-Turnover, Problematic Rentals

  • Luxury, High-End Rentals

Client Testimonials
"Tulsa Property Managers turned a terrible situation into a profitable one in less than a month. Great job guys!"
- Allen, Owasso

"Tulsa Property Managers is always easy to get a hold of and responsive to my needs. They have always resolved issues quickly and professionally."
- Brenda, Midtown

"Im very satisfied with this company. Tenant turnover, vacancy downtime and net profit are noticeably improved since working with Tulsa Property Managers."
- Cathy, California
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